August 5th, 2007

dn - mello

bye :3

I hereby declare this journal abandoned XD I won't be updating or using it anymore, since I've had enough of calling myself a baka XDDD;; I've decided to be a serious adult from now on... ok, not really XD I just got bored.

Anyway, icons & graphics will be posted @ aozu_deluxe (yes, I'm a fangirl and damn proud of it! XD), so feel free to watch and/or join that comm. It's still empty and ugly, but it will get shinier soon, I promise 8DD My new username is regis, it's a personal journal, but open to everyone. Drop by if you don't mind silly fangirling and occasional emoing XD;;

Adieu! yay sparklies

ps. I will no longer be informed of new comments to this journal, so please visit regis if you want to contact me :3